Treatment is directed to solve the medical problems caused by the mold exposure

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During the treatment process patients are monitored closely making alterations to the treatment protocol as needed.


Allergy testing directs specific mold antigen immunotherapy treatment. This treatment may last 2-5 years building up blocking antibodies thereby reducing the allergic reaction.


Antifungals appropriate for the type of mold infection is prescribed. If the individual is immunocompromised then adding Gamma globulin infusions may be appropriate to correct the deficiency.


Toxicity (from the mycotoxins):  Antioxidant nutrients are prescribed to help the liver process the toxins and cells to recover from damage. Hydration and kidney function are important as most of the mycotoxin is excreted thru the kidneys. Due to the high lipid affinity of the toxins they stick to the body’s cells causing cell damage resulting in mitochondrial dysfunction. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is used to mobilize the toxin and heal the cells in those individuals who are retaining the toxins and have persistent symptoms.